Hopefully this will work…

I’m here because I have no one to talk about certain things.
I’m here because life sucks balls.
I’m here because, after spending years thinking that people that had blogs just to tell the world how their lives suck had nothing better to do, I need to tell someone, even if no one will read this, how MY LIFE sucks.
I’m here because I’m growing up and it seems no one else around me is.
I’m here for all the bullshit and rules from society have made me lose, completely, my faith in people or life.
At last, I’m here because I want to kill myself.

So if you’re tired of blogs like that, if you think this is not worthy of your attention, if you’re just gonna diss me with your mean comments and know-it-all attitude, please go away and find another blog, for this is exactly why I created this one… To talk about mean people and how they affect me and my life.

So hopefully this will work… Doesn’t matter if this catches no one’s attention or everyone’s, I’m going to be posting here for myself and for my own health.
I’m 20 now and life has never been worse, naturally.
You know, when I was younger I used to think this was the worst cliche ever, but I really have no one to talk to… No one that would understand what I mean or that would just listen and not judge me. Nowadays, everyone thinks they know everything, they can’t just listen and give you a hug or tell you they also have problems and they would also like to share them with you… No. Today, if you go to someone and tell them that you’re feeling completely miserable, that your parents fight all day long, that you have no will to live anymore, they will just look at you and ask you if you’re not doing something wrong, if you’re not the reason why everything in your life is shit… They will just point you as the one to blame, roll their eyes and look away with their stuck up faces and pretend everything is perfect with them. They don’t have any problems in their lives because they would never cause any harm to anyone, so karma doesn’t come back for them, for they are such nice people.
I’m sick of society bitches that do NOTHING for anyone, that bring no good for humanity and still sit there on their thrones and give themselves the right to judge everyone else. And I couldn’t be more proud to say that those are my friends.

I’m on vacations right now and I have a lot of time to sit and wonder about life and it all comes back to the same question:
Am I the one who has problems and sees that everyone around me is settling down for a boring, ordinary life or is it the reality?
Am I the one who thinks  too much and wants too much or is everyone’s lives actually good and I just can’t see that?
Because i CAN’T SEE THAT!
All i see is people working their souls out in order to get just enough or less than enough money to survive and be able to work more and continue this vicious, unhealthy circle instead of trying to make it big… And the ones that do make it big just end up forgetting about the rest of the world. You know, this isn’t supposed to be a one man show. It’s not fair that 1 percent of the worlds population is rich and the rest is barely getting through life, and this system is not working!
My god! how many more centuries until people realize this is not healthy nor just!
I know it all started a long time ago, with all those kings and queens and lords, but that’s exactly my point: We have thousands of years of past showing us this is simply not working! As long as we let the world be ruled by a  group of “powerful countries” and “powerful people” more than half of the world will keep dying of silly diseases and hunger.
I know it seems impossible to change the world, and it actually is, at least if we’re thinking of doing it in one day only, but everyone can do something to make it better, at least.
Stop worrying that you still don’t have the new Iphone.
Stop complaining about your TV which is not 3D.
These things shouldn’t matter when there are still people living in “forgotten countries” that still don’t know what a smartphone or a television is.
Of course I am NOT saying those things are not good or fun or whatever, it is a big part of our modern world and our “evolution”, but people are making of those things the reason why they live and that can’t be!
It’s not your fault, you might say, that Africa is left behind, or that some people have no food or water, but you’re also not helping them, are you?

Ok, let’s not think too far… When was the last time you helped someone that lives close to you? When was the last time you spent time with a person with mental or physical impairments?
Now, how often do you spend time just surfing the web? not counting for work, just doing it for fun I bet it’s still a hell of a lot.
How often do you spend time going to nightclubs or going to the mall or places like those?
Of course it’s YOUR leisure time, you can and should do what pleases you the most, but what about people that CANNOT have fun on their own?
It’s NOT our obligation to spend our time solving other people’s problems, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it, and it certainly doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think about it.

I’m not here to tell anyone what to do, I’m here because I needed a place to go and spit it all out otherwise i would end up dead, literally and emotionally.
I’m also not here to cause trouble or to get people angry… if you’ve read this and didn’t particularly enjoy it, just close this and do something else. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, i also wouldn’t like to be offended.